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I want to bring my co-workers together over food to help a charity
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I’m a charity or social enterprise that needs agency services
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Food for What? 🤔

Marcella Tarable
Founder & Creative
Sina Hegny
Saffron Clague
Account Director

As an advertising creative, I’ve always had an appetite for ‘changing the world’. But I found myself having to compromise my weekend plans or taking a day off to go to hackathons. At the same time, I was spending my lunch breaks glued to my desk, either working or watching stupid videos.

Too many cat compilations later, I had an idea.

What if I could bring together the talented people who work in agencies (without asking them to take time off work) and offer them a great meal in exchange for their amazing skills to help change the world.

And as it happens, when your dream is shared by many, I had the luck to meet amazing people along the way who helped make my dream become reality. I’m super excited about the potential of this initiative and I hope you are too :)


😎 Hosts

Hosting a Food for Thought event at your agency is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to take a break from your desks and use your skills to make a difference. 

Depending on the charity, people can help with everything from strategy advice and concepts, to idea brainstorming, copywriting and design - while enjoying a nice lunch. Talk about a delicious exchange! 🙌

Would you like your agency to get involved? Grate! 🧀


😇 Charities

Are you making the world a better place, but would benefit from some extra help?

From defining your brand to designing a logo, whatever you’re missing, these problems are our partner agencies’ bread and butter. They’re brimming with strategists, art directors, writers, designers, storytellers, marketers, social media experts and lots of other specialists that can come together and cook up some solutions.

Are you a charity, social enterprise or organisation that’s craving for help?


Get in touch 👋

If you want to know more or collaborate (yay!) ping over an amazing suggestion or simply just say hello, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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🙏 Thank you

Food for Thought would still just be a thought if it wasn't for all the amazing people who believed in the idea and helped making it possible.

A massive thank you to POKE, especially Nick Farnhill for all your support.

Thanks to MakeDo, Elin & Edwina, Bogdana, Sina, Nimo, Sonia, Jiayi, Malin, Lee, Matt, Sef and Jorge.

You’re all stars. 💫💕

🤓 What the FAQ?

What kind of charity can get involved? 
We’re looking for organisations or charities that can’t afford agency or studio services. It’s completely free, but you’ll have to go through our pairing process so that we can match up your charity with the right agency.

I’m not in an advertising agency, can I still get involved? 
Yes, absolutely! If you think you and your business have skills that can help a charity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

What kind of charity will I be helping? 
We will pair up you and your agency with a charity that we think can use your specific skills, depending on their needs.